Financial Advisors of WFA allege they are owed overtime compensation, had their pay unlawfully deducted, and were not reimbursed for business expenses.

This website supports a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of current and former Financial Advisors (FAs) of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC (WFA) related to violations of state and federal labor laws. The plaintiffs in this case allege that WFA did not pay all the wages that are due and owing to its FAs, allege that they were subject to unlawful deductions, and allege FAs were not reimbursed for all business expenses. The plaintiffs have alleged this case a class action under California law and seek to represent all FAs who worked in California at any time from March 28, 2010 to the present. The plaintiffs have also alleged this case as a collective action under federal law and seek to represent all FAs who worked for WFA in the United States at any time from March 28, 2011 to the present.

Class action status could be denied by the Court. If it is, only those people who have signed retainer agreements with us will have the opportunity to present their claims in this case. Because we cannot predict how the court will rule on class action status, we strongly urge anyone who feels they have not been paid their wages at WFA to participate individually by engaging us through the website.

The plaintiffs seek damages, restitution, an injunction, penalties, interest, attorneys fees and costs on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated. Plaintiffs also seek certification of this case as a class and representative action.

You can get the detailed allegations from the complaint in this case. Click on the link to download a copy of it.

Edward J. Wynne

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